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About Srila Prabhupada

For millennia the ancient Sanskrit teachings of the Bhagavad-gita and the rich culture of bhakti-yoga had been hidden within the borders of India. In 1965 Swami Prabhupada brought the Hare Krishna movement to New York and the Western world. Today millions of people around the world have benefited from meditation and the gifts of chanting. With teachings founded in the ancient Sanskrit verses of the Bhagavad-gita and other Vedic texts he graciously shared how this knowledge can be used to reach the transcendent absolute reality of divine love.

Through ISKCON, the organization he founded over fifty years ago in 1966, he launched a mission for a spiritual renaissance throughout the world. The ISKCON Austin serves this mission by providing education, mentoring and other resources. We are here to serve you on your spiritual journey.

About Me

I, Sankarshan Das Adhikari, am a bona fide spiritual master, a disciple of the greatest exponent of India’s ancient Vedic teachings, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. For half a century I have been enlightening the illusioned, suffering souls on this planet with this most sublime, enlightening knowledge of Krishna consciousness, which when followed delivers one from all anxieties, and qualifies one to enter the spiritual world upon leaving one's present material body.


My Background 

In obedience to Srila Prabhupada,, I have fully taken up the banner of pure devotional service to the Supreme Godhead, and made it my life's mission to spread the Krishna consciousness science as far and wide as possible throughout the world. In the year 2000, in reconfirmation of my spiritual master's order, I received the blessings of ISKCON's Governing Body Commission (GBC) to make disciples all over the world.

I also run a free e-course on the science of self realization. You can enroll in my free e-course at:


You can reach me at:


You too can render the greatest service to the suffering humanity and attract the auspicious blessings of Lord Sri Krishna upon yourself and your family by assisting my world deliverance mission.

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