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Srimad Bhagavatam




Austin, TX, USA

17 February 2021

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yad-bhayad vati vato ’yam

suryas tapati yad-bhayat

yad-bhayad varsate devo

bha-gano bhati yad-bhaya

[VPM repeats. Later VPM chants and SDA repeats.]

SDA: So now we’ll do little adjustment here

VPM: Abhaya Charan.

SDA: [Indistinct]

[VPM calls on the different devotees to lead the chanting, starting with Abhaya Charan Das and VPM and SDA repeat.]

[leads the chanting of synonyms]

yat — of whom (the Supreme Personality of Godhead); bhayat — out of fear; vati — blows; vatah — the wind; ayam — this; suryah — sun; tapati — shines; yat — of whom; bhayat — out of fear; yat — of whom; bhayat— out of fear; varsate — sends rains; devah — the god of rain; bha-gana — the host of heavenly bodies; bhati— shine; yat — of whom; bhayat — out of fear.


Translation and purport by His Divine Grace Om Vishnupada Paramahamsa Parivrajakacharya Astotara-tata Sri Srimad A.C. Bhaktivedanta Tridandi Goswami Maharaj Prabhupada.

VPM: Prabhupada ki jaya!

SDA: Translation - “Out of fear of the Supreme Personality of Godhead the wind blows, out of fear of Him the sun shines, out of fear of Him the rain pours forth showers, and out of fear of Him the host of heavenly bodies shed their luster.”

Purport - The Lord states in Bhagavad-gita, mayādhyakṣeṇa prakṛtiḥ sūyate: “Nature is working under My direction.” The foolish person thinks that nature is working automatically, but such an atheistic theory is not supported in the Vedic literature. Nature is working under the superintendence of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. That is confirmed in Bhagavad-gita, and we also find here that the sun shines under the direction of the Lord, and the cloud pours forth showers of rain under the direction of the Lord. All natural phenomena are under superintendence of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Viṣṇu.

[Mangala charana]

The atheists think that nature is working automatically, that in the beginning there was nothing and that nothing exploded and out of that explosion of nothing came as amazingly, intricately designed universe. But I ask you, is that logical? Even if there was something in the beginning, some lump, and you exploded it. Since, when we (21:30~didn’t) see an explosion causes something of order. Just like a nice house here - 10700 Jonwood way, if we took a bunch of bricks, the side wall, all kinds of building materials, bags of cement and wires and all kinds of raw ingredients. We stuck it in a stack and put a stick of dynamite in there and boom! And say we got a house out of it. Do you believe that? Can you create order by explosion? That’s the point. No, explosions break down order. They say, the atheists say, there was a big explosion, a big bang and this whole beautiful ordered universe came out of an explosion. That’s one sort of absurdity. Others say, all came out of nothing. The fact is nothing comes out of nothing.

So if you want to consider the theistic philosophy, logic behind the theistic philosophy and logic behind the aesthetic philosophy. You will see that the theistic philosophy is logical. Creations are made by creators. Just like a beautiful painting, it doesn't just pop out of nowhere. An artist makes it. So we see everywhere, just like an automobile, it just popped out of nothing? No, some engineer designed the whole thing. So we see that creations don’t pop out of nothing, they come from creators. So  to assume a original creator that’s a logical stat. To say, “There is no original creator, it just came out of nothing, it’s blind faith dogma”. It’s actually science and logic, to understand there’s a supreme original creator behind everything. Some say, “Why do you say male? Why can’t we have a female? Why can’t we have a female source of all existence.” Just you man are; (you’re showing ~23:45) us (?) so you say, it’s a “He”. Original source, original person’s a “He”. Well, actually if you look at nature, what is it that a child is born? Who gives the seed? The mother gives the seed or the father gives the seed? The original source of the living entities is there, from the father; he plants the seed. Of course the mother’s more affectionate, that’s also there. Nothing like the affection of a mother. All the troubles she goes through for the child, nursing a child, bearing a child in her wombs. So in terms of affection mother is always the winner. She’s more affectionate than the father. But the father’s the original source. So the original source of all existence therefore, is a person.

So we have to not be carried away by the aesthetic propaganda, these rascal atheists, the asuram bhava, who partake of the aesthetic nature of demons. They want to establish themselves as the supreme and, “No one but me is the supreme”. They want to deny anybody who (~24:45 holds) the supremacy other than their own. We should not become misled by the aesthetic propaganda mongers, giving us all these false dogmas, all these false philosophies, simply to justify sense gratification. Where does sense gratification take you? What does the Bible say, “Wages of sin is death”. Sense gratification simply leads you to death, that’s all it does, it kills you. It’s death. Everytime you engage in sense gratification, you’re calling death, “Come and get me, I’m here death, come and take me right here, come now and get me death, I’m ready, take me, take me, take me.” So devotees are intelligent, they don't engage in material sense gratification. They engage - Hrsikesa hrsikena-sevanam, they engage their senses in the service of the master of the senses. That brings them beyond death. They come to deathlessness. Even Prabhupada explains in one lecture, “Deathlessness begins from the moment of initiation”. That’s when you actually enter into your eternal identity, you practically, formally enter into it, you take initiation. But not just some superficial initiation. You sit for initiation and do whatever you want. No. When you actually take initiation seriously that, “Now I become initiated by the bonafide spiritual master, now I’m duty bound to carry out his orders in all times, all places and all circumstances. I must be fully obedient to the bonafide spiritual master”. When you take initiation seriously for what it actually is, not just as some showbottle thing, actually what it is, that’s when you become a liberated soul. That’s when you become deathless, you achieve immortality from the very day of initiation. You stick to your vows, not you give up the vows, then you go back into the world of mortality. You’ve given up your position of immortality and gone back to mortality. So those who prefer mortality, they can have it. Those who’re intelligent, they realise this mortality in this material world, it’s like Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati says, “This material world is not a fit place for a gentleman's living.” This is the realm of rogues and rascals. It’s not a very nice place. All kinds of cheating is going on, just like what happened in Washington DC, the outgoing President couldn’t accept that he was losing so he wanted to block the count of the votes for the new President by sending a mob to the capitol building, to attack the capitol building. This is the kind of a so-called government leaders we have nowadays. Actually Prabhupada told us that we should be the leaders of the world. That’s the actual position. We’re meant to become; acharya means one who is an ideal leader, acharya mam

yad yad acarati sresthas

tad tad evetaro janah

sa yat pramanam kurute

lokas tad anuvartate

“Whatever the great man does, the common people follow in his footsteps, whatever standard he sets by exemplary acts, the whole world pursues.”

So ISKCON is meant to create acaryas. Here we are struggling neophytes, still engaged in sense gratification, over sleeping, over eating, finding fault, fighting with each other and all these unnecessary things, breaking the regulative principles. It’s time for us to get serious now about being what Prabhupada wants us to be, he wants us to become acharyas, by whose example and by whose teachings, the whole world can be led back to its original position of devotion to the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Of course, it’s been deteriorating. In Satya yuga, which is the age that lasts for a hundred thousand years, the whole place was pious, everyone was devotees. The Treta yuga, it went down to 75% pious, 25% demoniac. In the Dvapara yuga, it went down to 50-50. In the Kali yuga, now its 75% impious, 25% pious, and its going down 25, 24, 23, 22.…, until it gets down to point of zero, and Kali avatar will come and annihilate all the rascals, to bring in another Satya yuga.

So we are meant to be agents of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. We are meant to be agents of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu for bringing a spiritual revolution as actually predicted in the Puranas as a statement that there is a 10,000 year period in which the whole world will become filled up with devotees. So we are meant now to be agents for fulfilling that prediction. We are meant to (use~30:05) this 10,000 year period which started in 1486 all over 500 years ago. In 1486, it began, the Caitanya era, the 10,000 year period in which the whole world becomes Krishna conscious. ISKCON, now is bringing it forward, Prabhupada is bringing it forward and we are meant to be the agents of Srila Prabhupada, by totally surrendering ourselves and follow instructions of Srila Prabhupada. Prabhupada will empower us to act as agents for bringing the full blown Caitanya era to this planet as soon as possible.

Devotees can’t tolerate to see the suffering of the living entities, it’s too much. They can’t tolerate to see all these cows going to the slaughter houses, all these babies going to the abortion clinics for being murdered. Devotees can’t tolerate this. Therefore, they wanna preach, they want to give out these books, they want to awaken the people to Krishna consciousness. So this world can actually become a fit place for a gentleman’s living, instead of just a Rogue loka. This Krishna consciousness movement is most sublime. And here we today; this is out of fear of the Supreme Lord, the wind blows, the sun shines, the rain pours, showers. Everything is going on under the direction of the Lord. That’s a fact. Everything is going on under the direction of the Lord. You wonder why under Lord’s direction all hell is breaking loose on this planet right now. They say, “Well, it’s all God’s fault itself, cuz He is the Supreme controller, so it’s His fault”. But no, He gives us freedom also. Because He wants our love. Love means voluntary. So Krishna wants our love, He doesn’t want puppets, He wants devotees who love Him, voluntarily choose to love Him. Since that voluntary choice is there, there's always the option, you can misuse that free choice, and that’s what we are seeing right now, in the modern day world. People have misused their free will, instead of saying, “Yes I’ll surrender to God”, they say, “There is no God, or there is a God but I’m asking Him to be my order-supplier, give me, give me, give me, give me, here’s my shopping list, the big in the sky, free delivery, please give me Amazon God, this, this, this, this, this, this, this. So it’s time to wake up, become sober, realise that the Supreme Personality of Godhead is showing all kinds of special mercy, when He comes and speaks the Bhagavad-Gita. It’s very special blessings He’s giving.

sarva-dharman parityajya

mam ekam saranam vraja

aham tvam sarva-papebhyo

moksayisyami ma sucah

“Give up all your nonsense, just fully surrender unto Me. I’ll deliver you from all your sinful reactions.”

We have so many sinful reactions, so many sinful reactions, where in this age is

the age of sin [indistinct~33:18] sinful activities. So Krishna says, “Don’t worry about all your sins, just surrender and I’ll wipe out all your karmic reactions, you will not .to suffer your reactions of your previous sins, you just surrender unto Me.” But people are so foolish, they think, “Oh, God is a myth, I'm just gonna go and try to enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy”, and they suffer like anything. They go down to the lower species in their next life. Now in Texas, they’re so much in anxiety, I have to be here in my; electricity being turned off and cold in my house. What about the poor animals there out there in the cold all the time, the wild animals in the forest? They have to go through the cold, the trees, they’ve to go through the whole cold, they don’t get a warm house. So we should be little intelligent and realise, I’m getting this special facility as a human being to be more comfortable, not that I have to be always looking to eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, the animals are constantly looking - "What can I eat? What can I eat? What can I eat? What can I eat? Human being has facility to take care of his eating problem and then have so much free time, instead of looking for self realisation in their free time, they wanna go out fly kite or they may go on, get some motorcycle and go out; you know, all kinds of unnecessary things, there’s so many hobbies that people have, beyond the other livelihood, they have house duties, and they have their hobbies, they go out do so many things, surfing, they wanna get very popular; in Hawaii especially, Southern California also, there they get the surf boards, Prabhuapada called them sufferers instead of surfers, they’re very fond of getting that board and riding the waves - “Oh it’s so nice, I get to ride the waves”. They’re preferring themselves to become fish in their next birth, fish get to ride the waves all the time. So all these hobbies we have, to enjoy in this way, enjoy in that way, sense gratification, it’s simply taking us down in the animal kingdom, that’s all. Some people like to skydive, they go up in aeroplane and then they have a parachute, you jump out the aeroplane, they just dive in the sky for sometime, imitating a bird flying around the sky, thinking - “Oh this so wonderful”,and that before they hit the ground, they open their chute, as soon as their chute doesn’t open, and they’re killed. They’re willing to take the risk of having their chyte open, not having their chyte open, and actually be smashed into the ground, just so they can imitate the flying of a bird in the sky.

So one has to be intelligent and realise what is the real purpose of human life. And not waste running here, running there and trying to enjoy this, trying to enjoy that. Instead of trying to be enjoyers here, we should try to serve the Supreme enjoyer, that’s the key. As we many times explain, when you water the root of the tree, all the leaves and branches are nourished, when you feed the belly all the parts of the body are nourished. So we have to try to give pleasure to that Supreme person, He’s the one who is meant to actually be the enjoyer of everything,

bhoktaram yajna-tapasam


suhrdam sarva-bhutanam

jnatva maṁ santim rcchati

Krishna says, “One who knows Me as the owner of everything and as the enjoyer of everything, as the best friend of all living beings, he and only he can have peace of mind”.

Those who try to be the enjoyers separately, they can’t be happy. It’s confirmed in the Bhagavad Gita, they can’t be happy. They may think they are happy but it’s just they’re deluding themselves, they’re not actually relishing the bliss of their spiritual identities. Anyone who tries to enjoy separately from the Lord, is therefore forced to continue to misidentify themselves with their temporary rotting material body. It may seem very enjoyable when you are young and healthy but when you get old, you hit 70 and everything starts to fall apart, the whole thing starts to fall apart. Where’s the enjoyment? Well, they just think back to their childhood or remember -”I was a child, I was flying a kite, I was running here, running there, riding my bicycle around the block”, they just try to remember; the old people, they just try to remember when they’re young and happy in material world, in that way try to derive some pleasure. But why try to be happy artificially? Why try to be happy artificially? Now all we have to do is to get back to our svarupa, our original form. Sva - “his own”, Rupa -form”. Svarupa - our own identity. All we have to get back to our original identity. Why should we try to squeeze pleasure out of false identity? Punah punas carvita-carvananam, they’re trying to chew that which has already been chewed. I try to enjoy this material world in this way, in that way, and I have squeezed pleasure as hard as I could, didn’t get much but now I’ll try to squeeze even harder and harder, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, trying to get blood out of a rock. Punah punas carvita-carvananam - Chewing that which has already been chewed. They try to get pleasure, they try to get pleasure, they try many times they didn’t get any pleasure out of doing thing, “But maybe I’ll do it again now,(39:09~) pleasure that time”, trying again and again and again, in this way they become more and more frustrated and bewildered and they go into state of depression, they have to get a psychiatrist, to help them (39:20~) depression. Because they become so disenchanted by anyway they can be happy. But Krishna is the original psychiatrist, He’s the real psychiatrist, the original psychiatric doctor is His Bhagavad Gita. If we simply study the Bhagavad Gita, we can know how to become happy. Instead of misidentifying with that which is simply a source of misery and anxiety, we should get free from that misidentification and come back to our actual  sac-cid-ananda-vigraha identity; eternal, knowledge and bliss. Isn't it a shame? Isn’t it pathetic? That the people are being trained to misidentify; they are the eternal, all blissful, fully cognizant being, are being trained and programmed to misidentity that which is temporary, full of ignorance and misery? Isn’t it a shame? It’s a crying shame! So this is what our leaders are doing, this is where our so-called leaders are taking us. These leaders are not leaders, they’re simply cheaters. We need a new calibre of leadership on this planet, Krishna conscious leadership. Actually Prabhupada told us that, he said, “That day will come when we capture the government.” Can you imagine! As our movement expands eventually we will have Krishna conscious government on this planet. It’s a great encouragement for us to preach, distribute books and cultivate and train people how to become pure devotees. Because actually within this Caitanya era there will be an amazing folding of this planet with Krishna consciousness, even the governments will be Krishna conscious, Prabhupada told in one conversation. So instead of being discouraged by the difficulties we have on this pathway, we should be enthusiastic to move forward. Always be enthusiastic and move forward. Instead of becoming overwhelmed by all our defeats or mistakes, we should learn from our mistakes but not become overwhelmed by depression because of our mistakes. We should always have a very positive forward looking attitude - “Alright I made this mistake and that mistake, let me learn from that mistake, so I don’t make that mistake again. Let me move forward now to become more, more awakened in my Krishna consciousness”. Even as I was explaining to the devotees this morning into the japa period that we have; well, there was somebody here for japa what can I say, but anyway. Prabhupada explains that a pure chanter of the holy names, when one purely chants the holy names of the Lord, under his influence the whole world will take up chanting Hare Krishna. So this is a very good reason for us not only for our own liberation to perfect our chanting but for the sake of deliverance of all the fallen souls of this world. Can you imagine if everybody in the world were chanting Hare Krishna! Wherever you went - “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare”. In the congress, in the Senate begin their daily sessions in Washington - “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna”. When the United Nations gets together - “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna”. When the British Parliament, The Indian Parliament or when people go to start their business, when they open their business, they shop everyday or their corporation - “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna..” or even all the Churches, the Mosques, the Synagogues, even if they chant Rama or Allah or Jehovah that’s alright too, it’s a same principle. Everybody should chant the holy names of God. If they think Hare Krishna is something Hindu, they can chant the name of Christ or the name of Allah or the name of Jehovah. But let everybody vibrate the holy names of the Lord as a regular activity, their whole is centred around it, that will eventually come on this planet. The whole world will be absorbed in chanting. Actually Prabhupada said, they will chant Hare Krishna. Actually come to the point of all chants Hare Krishna, that’s what predicted. So it’s a very exciting future lying ahead, we should become very enthusiastic to make this whole world Krishna conscious as soon as possible. Preach, preach, preach, preach, preach to the world, Prabhupada said. We should now become very very aggressive and enthusiastic for bringing a Krishna conscious spiritual revolution to this planet ASAP.

So we have a few minutes left, see if there’s any objections, any criticisms?

VPM: We see, we say that 10,000 period as you mentioned, 10,000 period we’ll have a Indian summer.

SDA: Yeah, like an Indian summer. It’s what’s called an Indian summer, the winter comes, but then a warm spell in the winter. Yeah, it’s a nice example Gurumataji is giving us, it’s like an Indian summer .

VPM: Indian summer, the Krishna consciousness will spread. Prabhupada did it. But after Prabhupada, it is becoming little slack. And everybody is going wrong directions, so how we can expect that Indian summer will come?

SDA: Well, it’s going to happen. That means there will be at least one devotee, all it takes is one devotee actually who is purely practising it. Because Prabhupada says, even one person chants purely the holy name, Prabhupada says, if one person purely chants Hare Krishna, Prabhupada says, he becomes Jagadguru, under his influence the whole world will chant Hare Krishna. Even if there’s only one follower of Prabhupada, he does it. But I think we can have thousands of followers, if purely chanting the holy names. But even if there is only one, that’s all it takes to keep it going, even if there is only one person, it can keep going.

VPM: Because those who were with Prabhupada, they are dying off and the young ones, it’s becoming little watered down and

SDA: Watered down means nama aparadha, that’s what watered down means.

VPM: Then how we can expect that even one will come? Prabhupada times, those who were

SDA: Each one of us should try to be that “one”. I should try to be that one person

VPM: Yeah, but you will be dying off

SDA: and you should try to be that one person

VPM: Yeah, but you will be dying out also.

SDA: And I’m training my disciples,they should all strive to be that one person, who can purely chant the holy names and influence the whole whole world to chant Hare Krishna. I’m ordering all my disciples, all my disciples must become pure chanters of the holy names. That’s my order to all my disciples. They all must become pure chanters of the holy names so even any one of them can actually deliver the whole world. That’s my order, all of them.

VPM: (~46:35) they are carried away by illicit fun.

SDA: Don’t give into your senses, don’t engage in illicit activities. If you are married, don’t have sex for recreation. You are married, you have sex only when you are trying have a child, after you chant 50 rounds of japa.

VPM: But you are the only one out of that. Because nowadays that is allowed. Because Prabhupada said many times. Many times Prabhupada said that - Outside marriage. So they are arguing.

SDA: Well, tonight I’m playing a lecture from Prabhupada during the dressing of the deities. Bhagavatam 1.3.17, you can hear Prabhupada talks about married life very clearly. We’ll be playing that lecture this evening. It’s a lecture on 1st canto, chapter 3, text number 17. Prabhupada gives all kinds of talk about married life. What is the proper mood for married life?

VPM: Yeah, but that is only sometimes but mostly he said the other way round. So which is to be chosen?

SDA: Prabhupada never says you can sex for recreation. He never says that. Show me one place he say you can have sex for recreation.

VPM: Within marriage? And outside marriage?

SDA: He never says you can have it for recreation within marriage. Never. Show me one place where Prabhupada says, “You’re married, now you can enjoy sex without restriction”. Prabhupada never said that. Never, not in one place. You show me one place where Prabhupada says. There’s no one place where Prabhupada ever said, now you’re married, you can have sex as much as you want with your wife. He never says that. He never stated that.

VPM: How come our leaders are saying that?

SDA: If any leaders are saying that, they are wrong. That’s all. If some leader is saying, You’re married, you can have sex as much as you want with your wife, every night you wanna have sex, you can have as much as you want, but just don’t abort the child”. No. If someone’s saying that, they’re wrong. That’s all I can say, they’re off the track. They’re deviating from Prabhupada.

Ok, here’s we got.


(Question) Nandini - Hare Krishna Gurudev. If somehow the whole world will become Krishna conscious, can we avoid disastrous outcome of Kaliyuga?

(Answer) No. It’s already there. After 10,000 year period, Prabhupada said after that 10,000 period in which the whole world is filled with devotees, there will be no more devotees, no more Hare Krishna. Actually the whole world will be; Prabhupada said, the full facility for meat eating. I eat you or you eat me. Even they’ll eat their own children. Just like the snakes sometimes eat their own children. People, after the end of the 10, they will be eating their own children even. That’s how degraded it’d be, they eat their own children.There be no more Hare Krishna. All the devotees will be back to home, back to godhead and Kalki avatar will come and annihilate all those rascals to bring in the Satya Yuga. That’s what’s gonna happen. The scriptural injunction, scriptures don’t lie. It is stated in the scriptures and it’s gonna happen, Nandini. So, you become very fixed up so you’re not here to see the fun when Kalki avatar has to come.

(Question) Bhakta Ravi kolluru - If somebody is a sea surfer or a skydiver before coming to Krishna Consciousness, can they use their skill to attract people who are adventurous, to Krishna consciousness?

(Answer) Yeah, it could be done. You can do a publicity stunt. You can have a big publicity stunt, you have a skydiver this huge flag of Hare Krishna mantra, as you’re landing this huge flag coming out all the people see Hare Krishna mantra. Do we have any skydivers you know, in the movement? I mean you could use it. As a publicity stunt, to attract people to Krishna consciousness. It could be done. So, many skydivers are Krishna conscious.

VPM: So, does that mean, Krishna consciousness, Hare Krishna mantra is not powerful to attract people but skydiving will attract? Is that what it means?

SDA: No.

Ok, next one.

(Question) Bhadra devi dasi - Is the control of material nature by the Lord affected  through the demigods?

(Answer) Yes. He uses that, that’s right. They're His assistants in controlling the material nature. That’s right.

Ok, our time is actually up. Anybody have any more questions? Gurumataji you’d like to make some corrections or some complaints or anything?

VPM: No, I don't have any corrections. I just said that do we have to use sense gratificatory matter to attract the people?

SDA: Not required. Actually we already have, we have our books, we have our kirtan, we have our lectures that is our basic formula, Prasadam distribution, Harinama sankirtan and book distribution. These are the primary means of pushing forward this movement.

(Question) Ok, now we have Bhakta Ravi kolluru - I don’t know if there’s any skydiver yet. But in future if I meet anyone; ok. I can think about using that for Hare Krishna publicity stunts. if they’re willing to do that.

VPM: Is Hare Krishna not powerful enough, Bhakta Ravi Kolluru? Isn’t the Hare Krishna mantra strong enough that we need the skydivers to promote Hare Krishna?

SDA: Actually, we teach everyone to be a skyflyer. The skydivers wanna fly in the sky but actually we’re teaching everyone how to be a skyflyer. When you chant Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare, you’re flying the sky, spiritual sky. So we teach everybody be a skyflyer and divers means they come back down to the earth, but we don’t come down to the earth. We just keep going higher, this mantra will take you higher and higher and higher. It’s a skyflyer not a skydiver, skydivers means they come to the earth. We don’t come down, we just go up, up, up, up, up, back to Krishna, back to home, back to Godhead.

(Question) Bahurupa Caitanya Das from Chile - Even though one is polluted by Mayavadi philosophy, how does one be pleasing to the Guru and the Lord?

(Answer) - Well, you have to give up Mayavadi philosophy. Mayavadi philosophy, (53:51~) you think you are God. You have to kick out Mayavadi philosophy, you’ve to defeat the Mayavadi philosophy, to teach them, they’re not God.

(Question) Bhaktin Angalaparameshwari - How can we understand a person who is drawing wrong things?

(Answer) - We have the scriptures to tell us what's right and what’s wrong.  Scriptures are our law books.

(Question continued) - Do the activities depend only on his previous Karma, by the contamination of this Kali yuga too?

(Answer) - It’s very simple. The scriptures tell us what is proper action, what is improper action.

(Question) Bahurupa - What am I? I have not much intelligence.

(Answer) - Well, that’s the beginning of intelligence Bahurupa. When you understand - “I have not much intelligence”, now your intelligence has begun. If you think, “Oh yes I’m very intelligent”, means you’re fool and rascal. If you say, “I don’t have much intelligence, I’m simply fool and rascal”, now you have some intelligence. So keep that mood - “I have no intelligence, I’m depending on Guru and Krishna to enlighten me”, then you become the most intelligent person in the whole universe.

(Question) Bhakta Ravi Kolluru - Hare Krishna mantra is good enough but if we have somebody with extraordinary skills, can we use them also?

(Answer) - Anybody who can be utilised, can use their talents and whatever talents they have for propagating Krishna consciousness, do it.

Ok Sanat Kumara

VPM: But,

SDA: (Question) - Learning about bodily chakras,

VPM: But,

SDA: Wait, wait, wait. Alright go ahead.

VPM: But, if we chant Hare Krishna, what else we need. As you say that by chanting Hare Krishna, even one person can chant Hare Krishna purely then they can go back home, back to Godhead.

SDA: It’s a very good point. Not that we need so many techniques because actually pure chanting is itself will actually have an impact on the whole universe. Very good point.

(Question) Sanat Kumara - Learning about bodily chakras, is it important in Krishna consciousness practice?

(Answer) - No. It’s absolutely not necessary, don’t need to worry about the bodily chakras. Just be concerned - Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. That will elevate you beyond all the chakras.

So, we’ll go ahead and stop here. We thank everybody for tuning in.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

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